Vatican Miracle Examiner: Thank God It is Over






I’ve never been a huge seasonal anime watcher but I am attempting to change this with each passing rendition of “hey heres 50 shows to watch.”


What i used to do was watch the big shows out there starting with erased during the 2015 season. while that series had its flaws later on I liked the weekly ride that it was. That is a rare feeling for me as I enjoy shows in a different manner than most. I prefer to watch my anime in shot gun bursts. Not entire marathons, not one episode per week but my ideal viewing situation is about 3 episodes at a time. This is roughly an hour worth of time and is perfect for my attention span. Anymore and I feel uncomfortable and less leaves me wanting to click next episode and lacking that ability. There are exceptions where I’ve binged and watched weekly so I see some value in both sides my my preferences are mine.


Vatican miracle examiner is a special show. Special in the sense that i planned to watch it weekly I drafted it just like Hand shakers. And like hand shakers i was severely disappointed.

This show seemed interesting in concept. Twos priests work for the vatican to investigate so called miracles using science and historical analysis to debunk them. Theres also the aspect of the priests wanting to actually witness a real miracle, but also having a grip on reality that these claims are likely bs. The opening theme song is also good and at first kept me somewhat entertained every week.


That’s the end of what’s good about this series. Let’s get to the bad and the ugly.


Let’s start with the characters. Hiraga and Roberto are seemingly deep at first glance with the former being the science research leg of the team and Roberto using some cunning analysis of situations and historical knowledge he gets from various old texts and biblical expertise. We also had glimpses to their pasts and struggles they have dealt with but only a glimpse. In addition they are just boring. Like the whole show. They are dull in design, voice and action. Nothing they do is memorable and I had to google their names still even after 12 episodes. Any development they have is lacking and the thing the series focuses on most is their pseudo homosexual bond. Seriously this show was very close to yaoi. The character designs are generic pretty boys (very few women are in the series at all). Loren, who is a guy,serves as an info broker for the duo while serving a prison sentence. He is an atheist and the show touches the idea of trying to convert him but barely. that plot line gets lost in a sea of ridiculousness.


This shows storylines are so bad they are funny. This could be a thing you watch when u want something to laugh at like Wolf Cop, Birdemic SAO or my videos.


The 12 episodes are broken into three mini arc mysteries in which the boring priests go to a boring setting and encounter some out of this world phenomena claimed to be a miracle. The series is at its best in the first arc where we investigate levitation,stigmata, and an immaculate conception. The road to debunking these claims is a slow burn at first but then slams the gas pedal into WTF land. At the end of this arc the series has gone down so many out of left field twists and turns it feels like a comedy. Antagonist motivations are insane and when the arc concludes there’s no sense of fulfillment, just confusion.

Skip this show. The animation is bad it’s too dark at times, character designs suck, voice acting isn’t much better the plot sucks and gets more and more boring with each arc. Maybe just maybe watch the first 4 episodes. Better yet just watch episode 4 and you won’t be missing much and will be perhaps as equally confused as I was. If you enjoy bad stuff once in awhile this anime isn’t even consistent in holding your attention.  -Miasma

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