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Hey everyone! I’m Dethplaque aka Addison in real life.

I’ve been doing the Twitch and YouTube thing for some time now. So when Miasma approached me with the idea to combine our interests into one channel, I had to say yes. I have loved gaming and technology for some time now and recently started wading my way into the ocean of anime. So I’m hoping with the help of Miasma and the community I can grow into more of an anime fan.

Some of you may recognize me from Twitch already. I will still be doing my streams on my channel but I will also be sharing time with Gyre Media whether that be on Twitch or on YouTube. So if you guys liked my old stuff come and check out the new stuff here on Gyre Media!

I Am Miasma, nice to meet you!



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Hello friends! My name is Bobby, or I Am Miasma on the internet.  Please allow me to first thank you for even checking out Gyre Media, and now that you are here lets learn a bit more about yours truly.

I have a confession new friend.  I am an otaku.  Yes how sad it is that I dedicate my free time quite often to marathoning various anime series about giant robots, ridiculously overpowered warriors, and even magical girls.  I have loved anime for most of my life, and if you are like me you could not picture your life without experiencing it.

Gyre Media is the brainchild of myself and my friend Dethplaque.  Deth and I have known each other for years, and have the clear distinction of being nerds beyond a doubt, but our fandoms differ in some ways.  Enter Gyre Media, a place where you can enjoy various different aspects of otaku culture, gaming culture and the technology culture.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

Anime content. Reviews, discussions, collection videos, unboxings, seasonal anime charts, anime lists, anime analysis and much more.  In addition to my anime content, I will host a stream on Twitch a few nights of the week, and will host a “Let’s Watch” live chat where we can all watch something (leglally) together and discuss it.  To do this will probably use Youtube’s stream feature as well as a legal streaming service like Netflix or Crunchyroll.

Stay tuned for podcasts as well, in which we will talk about a variety of topics with guests coming in to add more opinions.

So yeah, I’m Gyre’s anime guy who plays games sometimes.  If you ever want to talk anime or manga or anything really check out the live stream or ask me on our social media sites. You could also message us on YouTube or email us, seriously there’s lots of ways to reach us.  Nice to meet ya!Miasma M 1